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About Us

Livingstone’s Adventure allows Africa’s natural wonders to be experienced the way the first explorers must
have seen them. Itineraries are customised according to visitor interests, with emphasis on the pristine
wilderness, great wildlife viewing, and exclusivity.

The City of Livingstone is considered the Tourist Capital of Zambia, but it has also become the region’s
Adventure Capital. A wide variety of world-class activities are on offer; from river rafting, microlight flights,
to the thrills of jet boat rides.

The Livingstone’s Adventure Company provides a one-stop tourist adventure destination and booking facility

• The African Queen Cruise Company (operating the African Queen & African Princess vessels)
• Batoka Sky – Microlights
• Batoka Sky – Helicopters
• Livingstone Quad Company
• Victoria Falls River Safaris
• Makora Quest
• The Victoria Carriage Company
White Water Rafting Victoria Falls

Activities range from the serene to the extreme with prices from US $25.00 to US $2050 per person.
Combination packages bring you the most popular activities Livingstone has to offer with a convenient one
stop booking facility - the most affordable way to experience them all!
Livingstone’s Adventure is proud to be associated with the following Socio-Economic groups:
• Danni’s Home for Vulnerable Young Woman
• Lubasi Home for Orphans
• Livingstone Street Children
• Livingstone Police Widow Fund
• Livingstone Hospitals Maternity Ward
With the following niche market, high quality products, Livingstone’s Adventure offers the discerning traveller
the very best Livingstone has to offer.
We will transport you in ways David Livingstone could barely dream.

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